Venturian Residences

Venturian 00 Budoba, dvor, okolie 1The Apartment House VENTURIAN Residences is situated on Venturska Street in Bratislava, in the area of the inner courtyard in the historic part of the absolute centre – the Old Town, just around the corner from the St. Martin's Cathedral. In the surrounding there are many historical monuments, museums, sights, churches, but also a number of excellent restaurants, bars and cultural facilities. A short stroll along the banks of the Danube from the Venturian Residences will take you to the impressive shopping mall Eurovea with plenty of shops, cinemas, restaurants, bars facing the Danube river.

The building is a National historic landmark and originally it dates back to the 13th century. It is owned by VENTURIAN Ltd. which completed an extensive professional reconstruction (Contractor TINAMA and BM-Building) in October 2014. During the reconstruction historical accuracy and character of the location were considered with the goal to restore its dominant feature - the object to housing as an apartment house Venturian Residences.